“There is no difference in principle between sharpening perception with an external instrument, such as a microscope, and sharpening it with an internal instrument, such as one of these three drugs. If they are an affront to the dignity of the mind, the microscope is an affront to the dignity of the eye and the telephone to the dignity of the ear. Strictly speaking, these drugs do not impart wisdom at all, any more than the microscope alone gives knowledge.” 
― Alan W. Watts, The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness

All of the work carried out by Entheos is in need of funding. Every contribution to our organisation goes toward either funding research protocols and educational measures toward a better understanding of psychedelics or the on-going cost of running the organisation including travel costs for events, hireage for venues and small overheads such as printing and distribution of education material produced. If you find our initiative an important one please contribute what you can and let others know they can do the same.