Entheos Begins

Kia Ora koutou katoa! Welcome to The Entheos Foundation!

The Entheos Foundation is a registered non-profit charity set up to help address the mental health crisis in Aotearoa-New Zealand through funding research into the potential benefit of psychedelics as prescribed medicines.

Our mission is:

  1. To fund and promote research and education in the use of psychedelics as medicine. 
  2. To provide New Zealanders with evidence-based, socially responsible education about the use of psychedelics in medicine, psychotherapy and indigenous practice.

We are the first charity in New Zealand to support psychedelic medicine and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. We recognise the immense burden of suffering currently experienced by so many New Zealanders. We believe psychedelics have the potential to help alleviate some of this suffering as part of modern medical practice as well as indigenous practices globally. We very much hope you will support us in this effort to mainstream psychedelic therapy.

Members of Entheos have supported or worked on:  a world’s-first LSD micro-dosing randomised controlled trial at the University of Auckland in 2021 as well as the FEPTAC study examining the attitudes and perceptions clinicians and patients have towards psychedelics in the context of micro-dosing for anxiety related to advanced-stage cancer; the EMMAC protocol which is a proposed national study examining MDMA-assisted therapy for depression and anxiety in advanced-stage cancer. Now, through Entheos, we continue that support and extend it into many new arenas.

With help from you, the public, we commit to an ethical model of funding, educating and improving lives. Funds donated to The Entheos Foundation go toward either high-level research at top-level institutions or top-quality educational events around anthropology, indigenous practice, psychotherapy and socio-cultural factors related to psychedelics. Ultimately, we want to legitimize psychedelic therapy in Aotearoa by educating the public on the profound potential they hold as tools in mental health treatment. With a mental health focus on Maori and Pasifika communities in NZ, we hope to design a training protocol for therapists to optimise use of these tools in those communities with, where possible, recourse to Rongoa Maori.

Through funding world class research and educational events we hope to build a network of inter-disciplinary expertise and catalyse a deeper understanding of psychedelics as medicine in New Zealand for you and your whānauPlease consider donating to Entheos  today and join us in that mission. 

Our collective efforts can change Aotearoa New Zealand for the benefit of all.

Ngā manaakitanga
The Entheos Team