Looking into a career in Psychedelics? Now we have Psychedelic Grad!

A common question that comes across the Entheos desk (and my personal inbox) is “How do I get into Psychedelics as a career?”. Unfortunately, it’s a toughie. There are many variables that could mean radically different career paths. Do you want to be involved in psychedelic Psychotherapy? Chemistry? Drug policy? Social work/harm reduction? Addiction therapy? It can be a messy process working out where one might want to put pressure to be most effective. Fortunately a wonderful gentleman by the name of Mitchell Wilson out of Washington, U.S.A has begun a project collating and co-creating a hub for answering these questions. Psychedelic Grad is a brand new website aimed at connecting undergraduate and prospective students with a view to working out the best ways to get into psychedelics as a field of both tertiary study and as a career.

Over time (and, hopefully, with your help) this site can become an invaluable asset in the Psychedelic space for those wanting to stay on the cutting edge of research, therapy and policy change from the inside. Head over and sign up… This is a sorely needed resource you can help create!


take care